People think this huge eagle is a man in costume

When we talk about big animals we often talk about mammals such as an elephant or a blue whale. Well, birds are not so big in general. But this bird is huge, it is larger than any bird you can think of. It almost looks like a grown man in a suit. This large harpy eagle is incredible.

This bird looks mean, almost like it’s saying “I’m eating a couple of people for breakfast”. And it’s size will actually make you believe it. These kinds of birds we have only seen in movies and science fiction stories. Or someone might think that it has escaped from area 51 where it was kept hidden from the world!

The bird has huge and sharp claws which makes it a bit dangerous. As mentioned before this eagle doesn’t have a happy look at all. Harpy eagle lives in the treetops and often found in tropical and subtropical rain forests. So most of them live in central and south America. But they are in a threat of getting into the danger zone of extinction since there are less than 50000 left for the whole world right now.

In native brazil, they call these eagle the “royal hawk” which describes the size of the creature. These birds go after smaller sized prey such as monkeys, snakes, and rabbits. So there is nothing much to worry about us humans. But still, those claws can do some serious damage to any human.

This bird is both weird and wonderful. Bird sanctuaries normally do not keep this bird as they need huge flying space and they have huge bodies. However, it’s our duty as humans to make the earth a better place so all of us, humans, animals birds, and all other living creatures can live on this planet peacefully.

Image credits: crg339