Photograper Captures A Once In-A-Lifetime Horizontal Rainbow Covers The Entire Sky

Has anyone heard of a Fire Rainbow? Well, it’s not an actual rainbow, and it definitely does not have to do anything with fire either. The technical term used is circumhorizontal arcs; this visual phenomenon occurs when the sun is higher than 58 degrees in the sky. The other main requirement for this phenomenon, are cirrus clouds, or thin, feathery clouds which happen at high altitudes. As the temperatures where these clouds are found are really low, these clouds are made of hexagonal ice crystals. What actually happens is that when these crystals optimally align, they act a prism, which refracts the light that is reminiscent of a rainbow.

Image credits: Cessna Kutz

There is this misconception among people, that such auras are rare. But the occurrences of these depend on the location of particular latitude. Even though it’s comparatively common to see these halos several times each summer in the US, in northern and mid-latitude Europe, this phenomenon is quite rare. Therefore, seeing these “fire rainbows” in the city of Angels is 5 to 10 times higher than you’d expect to see it in London.

Image credits: Cessna Kutz

A magnificent fire rainbow which spanned across Lake Sammamish was captured through the lens of photographer Cessna Kuts. Upon sharing this mesmerizing shot, the photographer writes on her Instagram saying “Witnessed a pretty cool phenomenon out on lake Sammamish today. A horizontal rainbow! To me, it was a little reminder to hold onto hope and love instead of fear and panic in these unknown times. Stay safe out there, friends.”

After these images were shared by Cessna, they went viral almost instantly. Having a talk with one news outlet, Cessna shares: “I honestly had no idea these photos would make the news, I was just wanting to share a beautiful moment I got to witness. I’m super passionate about photography so I’m grateful that God has used my photos to touch people, not only throughout the nation but throughout the world. It’s boosted my photography business as well as make an impact on people so it feels pretty amazing.”