Photographer Takes Portraits Of “Perfectly Imperfect” Disabled Dogs

Alex Cearns is a well-known animal photographer, and though there are many people who are already familiar with his work, his recent photography series is truly a sight to behold. It will take your breath away, because Perfectly Imperfect: Dog Portraits of Resilience is a photographic masterpiece. Alex has taken the time to capture the true form of disabled dogs, and shed a light on their conditions.

Since there is a wide range of animals who suffer from various conditions, photos like these are highly required, and we are SO glad that there is someone finally out there, telling their wonderful tale to the rest of the world.

These amazing creatures are a force of nature, and are definitely not afraid to show their stuff. They are proud of who they are, and it definitely shows in the pictures which Alex has taken. While photography is one of Alex’s passions, he is not afraid to talk about it.

He says “I love every animal I have the privilege of photographing,” and we believe him too. Because the love and adoration that he has for these amazing animals that he photographs is more than evident. These animals that he meets, are stricken with afflictions, some multiple, have a special place in his heart, and their ability to push through the suffering and enjoy a happy life is definitely awe-inspiring.

There is SO MUCH we can learn from these animals, and the level of resilience that these animals in the pictures have are simply unmatchable to most humans. They definitely do not feel sorry for themselves, and these dogs are very skilled at adapting to their current circumstances. Their willingness to put their problems aside and overcome their hardship is simply amazing, and we just LOVE to see these dogs in action.

If any of you, are anything like us, you will just love to check out all of their amazing photos. These cuties have just hit us smack in the feels, and you may definitely need to grab a Kleenex before checking out this heart-warming photo set. We did warn you, and we are practically sobbing out our eyes at some of these pictures, and we suspect that you may end up crying as well.

Please take 5 minutes of your time to share this man’s work with your family, friends and loved ones, and share the love that he has for these dogs, which are truly inspiring. All dogs deserve love and admiration. They do not deserve to be locked up, starved and beaten to death. It definitely doesn’t matter whether they are blind, or if they are suffering from severe mange, they all deserve to be loved. So, last but not least, which out of these adorable dogs is your utter favorite? Well, to tell the truth, it’s really, really, really hard to choose! We’ll just say that we adore each and every one of these dogs.

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