Photographer Tiptoed Through The Flowers To Capture Harvest Mice, And The Result Is Amazing

A British Photographer who runs Captivelight, Miles Herbert, has taken some super cute pictures of harvest mice. Herbert also holds workshops and photography classes for anyone and everyone interested in capturing “birds of prey, reptiles, frogs, and other beasties.”

Miles Says, “These harvest Mice were photographed in an indoor studio. We provide a service for photographers looking for high impact pictures of the animals, and using a purpose-built studio means that we are not weather dependent. There is also an option to photograph animals outside if the client wishes, our other specialty is frogs! Nearly all the animals we photograph are captive bred; the mice are bred to release into the wild at a local nature reserve – we prefer to use captive-bred animals rather than disturbing wild populations, and captive-bred animals are more sustainable.”

During the photo sessions, the mice get a treat as well, as Miles and his clients take close-up shots, the mice eat the stamens and the nectar of the flowers. These beautifully taken and vividly colorful pictures are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, even if they are having the most horrible day. Just spare a few minutes and scroll down to appreciate this overload of cuteness for yourself.

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