Psychologists Warn: Never Use These 7 Phrases When Talking to Your Children

    Parents give life to the children and play a main role in their growing up too. It’s obvious that actions of parents have a major effect on the lives of kids. Hence psychologists warn not to use below phrases ever because that could affect the children badly.

    1. “Stop crying”

    Kids should never be stopped from expressing their emotions.Let them be free to express; let them cry. But later make sure to convince them about what they did wrong. It’s the recommended healthier approach that should be followed.

    2. “You disappointed me!”

    These words will haunt in their lives for a long time because children never wish to disappoint their parents. So if they do something wrong; just tell them in a much gentle way that will not affect them in a negative way

    3. “You are not good/studious/obedient etc. enough”

    You should never sting on to weaknesses of your kid constantly. Or compare them with other kids. That would affect them very badly and make them think that they are not worthy even for parents. Instead give them suggestions for improvement and make them understand that improvements can always be achieved. That would definitely build confidence in them.

    4. “Big boys/girls don’t get scared”

    You cannot stop them by being scared by telling such meaningless words instead convince them that even elders get scared sometimes; so it’s okay to be scared at times.

    5. “You are a bad boy/girl”

    Never let them feel totally bad. Instead tell them their mistakes and ways to correct them.Tell them that even elders make mistakes and correct them once convinced.

    6. “I do everything for you”

    Well, it’s indeed your responsibility to take care of them and support them grow. It’s totally okay to make them understand their responsibility and role in a gentle way. But never force them to be your subordinate so instantly.

    7. “You’re fat/dark/ugly etc.”

    Your kid is entirely the reflection of you and it’s not their fault for how they look.

    So never make them ashamed about their body and have concern on their body in this little age. You should be the shelter for them; because the children may be already being bullied at play grounds due their fatty nature or looks. So instead of letting them fall mentally down more; just train them healthy food habits and exercises genuinely.

    Parents should always be careful in their verbal communications with children. Because children always seek the acceptance and if neglected constantly they will grow up to be worthless elders. So be gentle to them, educate them and build confidence in them to make their lives brighter.