Puppy drags her new blanket outside to share it with a cold homeless dog

    Do you feel that society is going backward with the incidents happening in the society but sometimes the animal world is different. They show a sense of humanity towards their kind. If you look at the story here, Lana is a puppy who originally hails from Brazil who knew that she was so lucky unlike the rest of the dogs, especially stray dogs.

    When you are treated with all needs, we tend to forget about others, but this caring dog is different. She was provided with a home and everything by Suelen Schaumloeffel. Even though she spends a luxury life she won’t forget about other dogs.

    The reason why this dog is lovely is that she hasn’t forgotten the past, where she came from. She knows how it feels to be a stray dog. According to her owner an incident has happened recently which she has never expected.

    While Lana was snuggling inside her house, she has seen a dog outside trying to find warm. Instead of staying inside Lana decided to go out and help. She took her own effort to drag the blanket outside to offer it to the stray dog to keep the dog warm.

    This was a shocking incident for Suelen. She couldn’t believe what happened in front of them. Even though the doggy mother tried to help, it didn’t work. He runs away each time when Suelen and her partner tried to help him as well.

    Lana took the responsibility to take care of the doggy until he finds his own place. Suelen and her partner were so happy to see Lana being helpful to other dogs. What a charitable dog she is.