Rare white giraffes caught on camera for first time in history

A breath taking scenery has been caught on camera when a pair of rare white giraffes appeared around IshaqbiniHirola Conservancy in Kenya.

The videos shows the above said giraffe mother and her baby. They are totally white as a result of  Leucism which doesn’t allow to produce colorful pigmentation. But it doesn’t act as an obstacle to their survival directly.

Indirectly because these giraffes are exposed to unwanted attraction because of their color.

Hence most of them don’t pass even 6 months of age as per Giraffe Conservation Foundation.Instead they become preys of predators like lions and hyenas.

Concerns have been arisen that wide circulation of images and location of these animals would increase their vulnerability towards poaching.

When a white giraffe was born in the refuge of Tarangire National Park; the safety of the animal was ensured whereas Hirola hasn’t taken any steps for the security yet.

And it should be mentioned that this video was taken by the staff after the locals informed them about the rumours saying that white giraffe has been spotted with her baby. It took months for them to capture the scenery on camera.