Rescue Dog Won’t Let Go Of His Dad’s Hand On The Way To His New Home

Like every human being, every dog is his own, and has its own personality. Every single dog owner and dog lover knows this. It’s not just dog owners and dog lovers. Anyone who has seen a dog or a movie with a dog in it knows this. Some can be the calm and cool dogs, some are energetic, and you find angry dogs and happy go lucky tail-wagging dogs. I personally know a dog who thinks he’s high and mighty, ignoring everyone when he knows everybody around. However, the most adorable ones are the dogs who are extremely grateful and kind. This rescue pooch that we’re going to talk about falls in the grateful and kind category because he was holding his new daddy’s hand all the way from the shelter to his new home.

Stanley the rescue pup just loves being around people all day long. When Sam Clarence first saw Stanley, he was just a volunteer dog walker, and by instinct, he knew that the pup would never survive in a foster home, and that he would be what is called a “foster fail.” However, knowing the fact Stanley wouldn’t survive in a foster home, he knew deep down that he himself would be the perfect new dad for Stanley. Since the pup had a rough life, he was nervous at first. Even though Stanley was uneasy and afraid, it only took a little time for his shyness to wear off and start to love his new dad.

In that split second, Sam adopted him, and just the most amazing and beautiful moment happened. The whole ride home from the shelter, Stanley was holding Sam’s hand, and never let go for a second, as if he knew that he was going to live in a better place. Luckily enough, Sam was able to keep the memory alive by quickly snapping the moment on camera.

Even now, today, Sam and Stanley are an inseparable duo, Stanley always wanting to be close to and touching Sam. Every single second of every single day, from when Sam is driving, to sleeping, to even when he’s watching TV! It seems that they are having the cutest relationship, EVER!

Through Sam, Stanley finally found a happy home, and someone to help and guide him through the good and the bad. Sam has shown incredible kindness and courage to adopt such a disturbed puppy. Even so, he has been rewarded handsomely with the most amazing friendship and partnership with this rescue pup. What does this amazing story of this beautiful duo make you feel? Does it make you want to adopt a dog?