Natural redheads do have souls. The idea that they don’t have is one odd example of unproven historical myths about people with red hair. These myths were often disliked by redheads but as a result of recent scientific research, confusions have led to a more positive misunderstanding that the red hair comes with “genetic superpowers”. People who are naturally redheaded or with ginger hair can claim certain characteristic differences but that doesn’t convince that they can exactly join with X-men.

While they are the rarest of all hair colors, redheads still compose a major portion of the world’s population. Therefore let’s take a moment to run through some ways in which being a redhead is a lot of complex than merely having color in the hair. These are attention-grabbing notes, several of that have been simplistic or misunderstood to make the impression that the color is tied to remarkable skills.

They All Have the Same Genetic Mutations

Although red hair comes in an exceeding form of completely different shades, the colors are caused by constant. People can solely be light-haired if they receive 2 copies of a recessive factor that causes the MC1R factor to change. This macromolecule is found on chromosome 16, and it’s accountable for manufacturing pheomelanin. The transformed version of the gene produces rather more pheomelanin than normal, imposing the fiery hair hues.

A study by McGill University titled “Redheads and Pain” by Prof Jeffrey Mogil in 2010 noted that the majority red-headed folks have a recessive version of the MC1R sequence, that he found had effects with the patience of pain.

The MC1R gene coding for the melanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R) is highly polymorphic in humans, and inheritance of certain allelic variants of this gene is associated with a visible phenotype in Caucasians: red hair and fair skin. However, the MC1R gene is proving to be considerably pleiotropic, having demonstrated roles as well in cancer susceptibility, inflammation, and fever. This review summarizes the evidence. MC1R also plays a surprising role in pain, pain inhibition (analgesia), and anesthesia.

Increased condition of cancer isn’t a superhero attribute. His study is a minor “declaration” that they are genetically superior.

Dr. Daniel Sessler (Scientist behind the University of Louisville study documented in the false story.) approved it had been an incorrect clarification of science:

The story seems a bit confused. The McGill group reported reduced pain sensitivity in redheads but under special circumstances. Our work shows that redheads are more sensitive to pain than people with other hair colors which is why they require more anesthesia.

I wouldn’t say that these observations are so much good or bad, as a ‘fact of life’ but the general theme that redheads are different is correct. Red hair is not on the blonde-brown-black axis and instead results from a mutation of the melanocortin receptors.

An interesting fact is that all Neanderthals were redheads

They have to bear Many Negative Disgraces

Redheads were usually mistreated owing to their looks. Several cultures believed that natural gingers are born with misfortune or evil. Some redheads were even referred to as witches throughout the middle ages. Redheads have additionally developed standings for being fiery and dangerous tempered. However, there’s no proof to support these claims. 

Publisher’s Note: 

The above article was initially published with a headline: “Scientists declare that redheads are actually genetic superheroes”.

But, the article contained certain inaccuracies including the main source for the claim is a fiction writer by education, not a scientist and some false study information from two scientific studies.

So, we clarified and corrected the content of the article and deleted some data. This article has been updated, which contains reliable information.