Seven Best Friends Bought A Mansion So They Can All Live Together When They’re Old

Are you willing to buy a mansion with your best friends? These 7 best friends from China have pooled together their resources to buy a mansion that they plan to retire to in order to live together when they grow old.

Though initially, it began as a joke, when the group came across a massive house, which was rough around the edges and needed fixing out in the suburbs of Guangzhou, China, they decided to make their joke a reality.

The group spent 4 Million Yuan, about the equivalent of about $580,240 to recondition the space, and now, the house has huge floor-to-ceiling windows, a swimming pool, and a spacious open plan kitchen.

This 2 story property, also has impressive outdoor gardens, and the women, who are all tea-lovers, have even played around with the idea of creating their very own “tea pavilion”, so they can all sit outside together, and enjoy their cups of tea among the stunning views that surround the house. Sounds like the perfect way to spend anyone’s retirement.

One of the women, Jin Du, speaking to Yitiao, commented that “At first it was just a joke. We said we would get together when we were 60 and live retired life together.”

Now, the women who are currently in their 30s, have been best friends since they met 20 years ago, and they’re hoping that once they get to the age of retirement, and their children have grown up and moved out, all of them will be able to enjoy growing old together in their charmingly restored mansion. Jin Du also added that “We’ll cook, have barbecues in the fields, sing and collect food from the village.”

All 7 of the friends have also made a pact to learn a “useful new skill” before moving in, like how to grow vegetables, or cook something from scratch. Jin Du has also said, “We’re all independent individuals but we can communicate and rely on each other at the same time.”

Not long after a video of the friends’ retirement home was shared on the Yitiao YouTube account, many people have left comments stating that they wanted to do the same with their friends. “I am in,” one had commented, and another had written, “This is so nice, having a bunch of close friends and live together in a beautiful place like this.”, while many other had also complimented the women on their “beautiful home and beautiful friendship.”

Let’s hope that they don’t have a falling out with one another now, since they’ve committed to a house together.