She is a strong woman who knows her value. If you aren’t planning to love her right, let her go

I hate to break it to you, but you don’t know her as well as you think you do. She wants to be loved, and she craves it. But do not get started yet; it is not the kind of love you are thinking about.

She longs for a relationship filled with pure, intense and real love. This is the kind of love that brings you peace by releasing you from any inhibitions, opens your heart and awakens your soul, the type of love to last through the test of times.

Therefore, when I tell you that she will stop at nothing to find the ONE, believe me, she will. She wants that person who will fall in love with her true colours. She wants to be accepted for who she is, so if you re bringing anything less than that on the table, you will never satisfy her

  1. Expect a strong woman to demand respect from you. A strong woman will never let anyone who disrespects her near her. When committing to a relationship with her, ensure that you are doing so on firm ground. If not so, do not expect it to last. She acknowledges this and therefore, it will be the main reason why she will never settle for less.
  2. She is independent, but she craves attention. However, do not mistake this as short for being clingy or needy. She will never be any of these and most of all; she will never need your saving. She wants you to be there for her.
  3. Do not violate her boundaries, or you will be out of the door sooner than you think. She demands that you be an understanding person, and you will have to realize that she will require sometime before opening up to you.
  4. Expect a firm ‘NO’ if you are not kind or caring. She deserves a respectful partner who has a love for everyone—someone who is kind because they want to, and not forced to.
  5. She will always be honest with you and give it to you straight. She will tell you what she needs while observing pure honesty. This will help create a solid foundation based on truthfulness. A bond that is unshakeable.
  6. A strong woman will open her heart for you to see her vulnerabilities. And she will expect the same thing for you. She falls in love with someone who can show their true colours. You have to show bravery in your love for her. This is a relationship you are entering with no fear, no drama, no regrets or any inhibitions. The only thing here is love and commitment.
  7. She will require your support along the way. The earlier you know, the better. She will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. Not even you.
  8. You will need your A-game in your sense of humour. You need to focus on positivity and the bright side of life.
  9. Do not expect her to be with someone who cannot compromise. You need to meet her halfway. She is always on the lookout for tolerance and maturity in a partner.
  10. Finally, she doesn’t want you to give up your life for her; she wants you to follow your journey even if it might take you different ways. She will always encourage you to follow your heart and find your calling. That is how committed she is.

When coming into contact with a woman like her, she already knows her worth and looking to be loved the right way. So if you don’t, leave her to continue her pursuit of happiness.