Spend the Night under the Northern Lights in Luxury Glass Igloos

If you love spending your nights under the stars, this is for you. Because the Arctic Fox Igloos gives you this chance by placing you under Finland’s nightly magic show in the sky. Located on the naturally beautiful, peaceful shores of the lake Ranuanjärvi, you are met with a small house structured like an igloo, which includes a double bed and small kitchenette, and also includes a private sauna and bathroom in a timber box-like construction.

There are also so many other activities which are offered in the surrounding wilderness areas for nature adventures all year round.

Guests can participate such as arctic safaris on snowmobiles, fat bike tours, husky drawn sleds or reindeer or even the Ranua forest in the summer while meeting local polar bears or even some canoeing across the scenic lake.

Guests can even arrive at the igloos driving snowmobiles, take part in a Shaman’s Northern Lights program, or even spend the night fishing as the sun never sets.

So the next time you are traveling to Finland, make sure to pack some extra warm clothes to make a stop at the Arctic Fox Igloos to spend a night (or two), and have this amazing experience.