Stray Cat Breaks Into Zoo, Becomes Best Friends With Lynx

Whoever said cats aren’t friendly? This little exploring kitty cat put on her walking shoes and walked straight into the zoo. This calico, being a stray, made her way into the zoo, and decided to make her way into the lynx enclosure, like it was her own.

Since the lynx is a wild animal, you would be freely forgiven if you thought that this story ended badly. But, this wild cat, on the other hand, grew to love this stray calico. The lynx licked her new friend, and like that, they grew fond of each other. However, zookeepers in St. Petersburg seeing the danger that the little stray calico was in, removed her from the enclosure.

But to their immense surprise, by the next day, the stray cat had snuck back into the lynx enclosure, and so, the zookeepers allowed the adorable pair to stay together. Hundreds and thousands of visitors came to see this unlikely friendship, and the lynx and calico duo became the stars of St. Petersburg, and now, newly named Dusya the calico, and Linda the lynx were inseparable.

After this chance meeting back in 2007, the zoo kept on releasing video and pictures of the uncommon couple, and their fans were loyal and the pictures get thousands of likes on social media. Seven years later, the zoo again released an adorable video of the pair grooming each other, and they still live in harmony and friendship, without any squabbles. None of your friendships can be weirder than that of a cat and a lynx…

Any ideas about the happy couple? Does it ever make you wonder that all cats are the same at heart? Would we and this duo’s fans have the same reaction if the calico had wandered into the lion enclosure?