The Best Way To Keep Mice Out of Your Home, Garage, and Campers

Lots people feels disgusting to even see a little mouse around and inside their houses. Have you tried anything to get rid of them? The following are some suggestions which you can try from home itself

It’s time to start the mouse-proofing process from home. You can start anywhere from your house, garden or garage.

A spokesperson called Cindy Mannes from National Pest Management Association once told the facts you need in order to find out these creatures inside your place

They have the same needs as human needs for various seasons, same as humans need food, water and shelter during winter they have the same requirements. So, if you find once mouse in your home place don’t ignore because obviously you must have more than one in your place. They do breed so fast.

First you should find a good time, the best time is when its shadowy & quiet. Then examine your home, garden & garage. Try to find out whether there are any existing evidences of mice.

Apparently if you found one don’t forget to keep the place clean and leave no food around.

Can you do it yourself?

Yes, the Pest Control explains that Mice has very tiny cartilages they can enter from any opening or crack in your foundation, floors or walls in the house. As per the researches if an opening is more than ¼” if must be properly sealed to get rid of mice. Using Aluminum foil to seal the openings or wrap food is a tricky way to avoid mice in your home.

The following are some ways to catch & release mice.

  • Use cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil to keep them in the entire house
  • Use dryer sheets to seal or tape any gaps or cracks in the house to deter rodents. Make sure you change them every two weeks.
  • Keep soap bars anywhere you suspect mice are existing, the strong scent will keep them away.

Hope you will experience a pleasant and clean home with help of the above facts.