The Mind-Twisting Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves

Artists craft all kinds of amazing creations. The talent of each artist it unique, which brings a special kind of experience which is to each his own, and it’s a beautiful and magical thing. Whether it is painting, sculpture, music, or even writing, to surround and submerge oneself in someone’s brilliant work of art is delightful.

Robert Gonsalves is an artist who works wonders with his talent, and instead of painting regular things which are regularly encountered, he makes his very own special creations by adding optical illusions with the traditional art forms. His paintings will definitely blow your mind, and will have you look at it at least twice, just to try to understand what you are looking at. Or to comprehend if what you saw was what you thought you saw. When you look at his work, you’ll understand that it obviously requires a tremendous amount of skill and patience to create.

At a very young age, Rob Gonsalves became interested in art, and by the time he was 12 years old, he was already experienced in drawing techniques, architectural art and perspective. One can state that this proficiency can be one reason that compelled him to make complex paintings with optical illusions. With one glance at any of his paintings, you can clearly see immense talent and dedication.

His paintings are more than a picture. For instance, you may think that you are looking at a waterfall, but in fact, you come to realize that it’s not exactly a waterfall, but hundreds of people doing various things. Anyone who looks at these paintings can appreciate the mind behind the paint on the canvas. Even the shrewdest of art observers can be fascinated by his paintings. Have fun yourself, with the optical illusions of Rob Gonsalves.