These Unique, Tiny Albino Turtles Are A Fiery Tie-Dyed Masterpiece

There are only a handful of albino creatures, and they are a rarity of their own. From albino deer to albino giraffes, nature never fails to amaze and surprise us with its wonders. These tie-dye masterpieces or Albino Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima are also widely called the Painted Wood Turtle.

Due to the unique absence of color and lack of camouflage, these creatures are a pure rarity. While easily spotted as prey, these albino turtles are many a time made outcasts when mating season arrives. Sadly, due to their rarity, these beautiful creatures are left in high risk in been captured and sold in the black market.


Having many helpful factors to help the ability to thrive, these creatures usually survive longer than their other albino counterparts due to their protective shells. They are most likely to live as long as 20 years. These majestic marvels of nature thrive in only a few areas in the world like Central America and the west coast of Mexico.

Mother Nature holds an abundant number of diversities and these beautiful tie-dye masterpieces are a beautiful reminder. As stated by My Modern Met, there is a magnificent albino by the name of Hope, whose heart beats outside of her shell, and she has caused an online sensation, and she has continuously thrived for her owner as well, as he has a heart as big as hers.

At the time of receiving her, the owner had not known what to do, and had been even nervous to even tough Hope. Nevertheless, overcoming his fear, he had promised himself, “I’m gonna do everything that I can to keep her happy and healthy and to give her a fighting chance at survival.” According to the vet, Hope will continue growing, however, the hole remains the same size. All this while, Hope has no idea regarding her condition. This amazing little creature gives each and every one of us hope for a better tomorrow, and the inspiration to see her thrive and living a full and successful life.