5 Things You Should Always Keep Secret According To The Hindu Philosophy

This philosophy can reveal a lot about our family related life, which can be either recorded or appointed by any court of law.

There are a lot which teach us to live our life and family without any issues. Some of them are Upanishads & Manusmriti etc.

Read the following to understand the stuff we shouldn’t reveal and keep them as secrets before it harms us in return.

1. Do we all go through hard times as a family? Yes, there are number of events we face problems. But shouting our internal issues to the world gave us solutions? No, it should be solved between us rather than showing unnecessary stuff to the world. Don’t make it a point of shame to be a family member of your family. Be with them through the hard times and grab the opportunities you get and find solutions.

2. Have you noticed people do charitable stuff and be a nice person on Instagram posts? But according to Hindu Philosophy if you give something from your right hand your left hand shouldn’t know about it. So make sure if you share something it should be done with the pure kind mind. Don’t expect to publish your name in the outer world and be famous. If so, let another person do it.

3. We all have goals in our life. To attain them we implement lots of projects. You might disclose them with your close ones but are you sure that they won’t make use of your ideas. They are called Glory Hogs, who try to get the credit from what others have done. So don’t make this a reason for your unsuccessfulness.

4. Remember that you should not reveal your whole life and the spiritual techniques to people. You don’t need to disclose the things which make you different and special just because you are a nice person. If you disclose them they will make use of them than you do and will come against you. So note that your skills and knowledge is yours.