This 26-Year-Old Man Is Restoring Faith In Humanity By Reviving Dead Lakes in India

According to recent reports, the world is facing the worst ever water crisis, with 844 million people not having access to clean water. Water pollution is one of the main causes for this, and fortunately, there are people like Ramveer Tanwar, a 26-year-old from India, that can’t stand overlooking this problem, and has decided to take action.

Ramweer had come to realize that all the lakes and ponds, where he and his friends had played when they were children, were starting to disappear and many of the wetlands were polluted and become dumping areas. So, he decided, that it was time to change this and educate the people about the significance of having clean water.

In the beginning, Ramveer gave lessons to students from his village, who felt that they had to do something about these dying water resources. The children were told to warn their parents about the existing problem with the conservation of water, and water pollution. Since the villages refused to believe that they could ever run out of the water, this did not work.

© Ramveer Tanwar / facebook

After failing once, Ramveer decided that he had to do this on his own, and he went from house to house, villager to villager, explaining the issue of the depleting water resources. Later, he told all the students, to come with their parents each Sunday, to a special place, where he facilitated a discussion and suggest methods for water conservation. Finally, little by little, Ramveer’s dream began to come true, and the villagers began to realize the problem that they were facing.

In 2015, Ramveer, including a variety of people from his team of volunteers, to the students, and their parents, removed the garbage from that pond. Not only did they clean it, but also planted trees around it, and invited the local authorities to visit and see the magnificent restoration. The good news could not be contained any longer. Locals from neighboring villages and districts began to go to Ramveer asking for help for their local lakes.

With the help of volunteers and many enthusiasts, many lakes and ponds have been restored, and the most critical point in cleaning the vast bodies of water, was to prevent further pollution. Once the water was cleaned, with all hands on deck, the group digs out a separate pit which is used to collect the garbage, and then install a double filtration system. This is a filter made of wood planks and patches of grass, to prevent pieces of garbage from making its way into the water in the future.

Wanting to continue to preserve the water in the country, Ramveer has had to wear many hats due to this effort. He was also helped by the government to set up “Groundwater Army” organizations in every district of his state. This young hero is now the coordinator of his community, and together, they focus on the conservation of water in the neighboring areas. Even though the government has no funds for these types of awareness programs, Ramveer spent his money to continue what he started.