This Is The Easiest Way To Escape A Sinking Vehicle. Knowing How Might Save Your Life Some Day


    Can you get out of a submerged car? This is a fact we should be aware about because huge number of people drown each year because they can’t escape.

    Yeah that’s easy to say but hard to do more than you think. According to Geoff Fahringer who is an expert diver we should be able to save ourselves since it takes time for the rescuers to reach the place. The accurate time to attempt to escape is before the vehicle gets completely submerged.

    Do not waste your time on calling emergency numbers because there is no advantage if you are still stuck inside the vehicle. Even though it feels like common sense this is what people do more often.

    Go through the below video by Fahringer to get a better understanding, you will understand how to save your life in a situation like this.

    Don’t let your life to be taken into count for the list. Be prepared and share your knowledge, so that you can save another.