This Is What Happens When A Philosopher Explains The Miracle Of Life To A Baby

Jason Silva is well known for posting interesting philosophical videos on his YouTube channel. One more unique video was posted by him recently.

First of all we know that kids are extremely fast learners; they don’t understand even a word; but yet they manage to communicate their thoughts and ideas with their mother. It’s amazing right? Isn’t it?

They grab the messages through the observation of eyes, facial expressions, voice modulations from their senses . And furthermore they even keep learning from those messages to the extent that they are capable of. These conversations that occur between minds leave a strong impression on the little minds of kids which will build a wise and great human to prosper the future.

7 Reasons Why You Should Talk To Your Kid Like An Adult

1. Kids Learn Language from Us

Kids learn language from their elders. Unknowingly we are providing an opportunity for them in each time we talk to them.  Grammar, language syntax and many more things are grabbed by them from our conversations. Because these little brains have more power in learning a new language than we imagine. So it is highly recommended to use real language when talking to kids instead of using sounds that has no sense.

2. Nobody Likes To Be Patronized

When someone talks down to you. You obviously get angry. Because you hate patronizing. So do children. They need to be guided and supervised because they don’t have much experience in life. But that doesn’t mean we should talk down to them. Since these little creatures deserve respect too. Their questions should be answered smoothly and wisely, in the same way that we answer to someone else.

3. It’s Easier to Understand

Millions of sounds, linguistic rules, metaphors and phrases of their native language are learned by children with great enthusiasm and hard work. By listening to meaningful conversations around; they understand and gain wisdom to apply them in the future. But meaningless small talks and sounds without sense don’t do so.

4. Kids Already Feel “Othered” In the World

The world consists of majority of adults who are capable of many things when compared to kids. Because they are comparatively less adapted physically. Everyone keep reminding them that “kids are not allowed to participate fully in world”; It makes them frustrated and challenged by both physical and emotional means. Being treated like they lack in intelligence make them feel worse.

5. It Helps Them Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Think of an incident when a kid bumps into a sofa and falls down because of walking without keeping eyes on the same direction. Then if they hear a sound like “AwwwWhassaMattawww?” Will not help them to figure out that they did wrong and what should be done to prevent a similar situation.

Instead of doing so; if we can offer them a hug and clearly state “Are you feeling better now? I saw you getting hurt. That happened because you were walking without looking into the same direction. So darling, next time make sure to keep your eyes on where you are going.”; that will definitely improve their problem solving skills. Because then they’ll be able to explore the relationship between the actions and their consequences.

So that just be real when dealing with children. Talk to them; about the things that are happening to themselves. Let them explore and learn.

6. It Helps Them Develop Emotional Language And Literacy

Similarly, always talk to them when they are facing an emotional challenge. Think that the kid is in an emotional upset or having an interpersonal conflict with another kid. Then explain it to them which will help them to understand their own feelings and tackle them precisely. Say something like “Someone has taken your favourite toy; that’s why you are feeling frustrated” instead of consoling them sympathetically.

7. It Helps Them Practice Conversation More Generally

Every single conversation with us is another chance for them to learn the world. So engage in meaningful conversations with them as a practise. You’ll be amazed by the results. Because I was. My son usually amazed me by his actions. Once when he was very little and didn’t know many words; I said “Can you stand up?” then he confidently tried pulling up.

Babies and children are capable in understanding a lot more than they are recognised for. It is in our hands to help them learn more and more to achieve a fruitful future.