This Woman Lives The Dream With 9 Fluffy Newfoundlands

What do you want your dream life to be? Is it a big house? Or do you fancy a car? How about if all your bills were paid? Including a spectacular swimming pool, of course! And you can definitely NOT forget the dogs! Well, Mackenzie Makatche lives with nine of them, and they are all huge fluffy Newfoundlands.

Makatche says, “The most common questions I get asked are ‘Is that a bear?’ (nope) ‘How big is your house?’ (I wouldn’t call it big but we have plenty of space) and ‘Are you crazy?’ (obviously). I grew up with our family’s first Newfoundland. He was about a year older than me and died when he was 13. My parents were initially attracted to the breed because they wanted a dog that was good with kids and similar to a Lab.”

The fact that surprises most people is that she doesn’t breed these dogs. Makatche’s family has bought them all, and she has known 3 of the Newfoundlands since they were puppies.

Makatche also says, “We never have, and still don’t intend to breed often, only when we have time to properly raise a litter. The crew has expanded gradually over the past nine years as my mom fell more and more in love with the breed.”

Even though they are not bred, she decided to start and Instagram, especially for her nine canine children. And it proved exceptionally popular. She goes on to say, “I really didn’t have any intentions other than sharing pictures of my dog for anyone who cared to see. I was in college and knew most of the people who knew me personally didn’t care to see daily dog pictures on my personal account.”

The Instagram account “thenewfcrew” now has over 40,000 followers who eat up every “newf” update there is. Even though her Instagram is a hit, Makatche has bigger plans for her dogs. Out of the 9 (Guinness, Duncan, Storm, Murphy, Coeli, Skyy, Aisling, Oliver and Belle), 3 of her children have already completed their therapy dog training, and 2 more are in training at the moment. Makatche wants all nine of her babies to be trained therapy dogs, so they can help others, especially children.