Toddler With One Arm “Fist Bumps” Soccer Player With Same Condition

    Since we were kids, we’ve all had our heroes, and they’re still our heroes. No matter what kind of person we are, or even what kind of a person they are, there is always someone who we look up to, someone who truly inspires us. It may be your mom; it may be an actor, or even someone successful in your career. You always like to think that you have something in common with your hero. An inkling of what they have that can help you reach their level, and that is exactly what happened to this toddler who met his soccer hero.

    In Florida, a boy was born without his left forearm. Joseph Tidd, now 2 years old, has learned the hard way, to live his life with one hand. Even though the simplest of the day to day tasks are a lot harder for Joseph, he has overcome every single obstacle.

    Colleen and Miles Tidd, Joseph’s parents, had created a community of support, involving family, friends and role models included, to help him out. Carson Pickett, a soccer player for Orlando Pride, is one such role model. Similar to Joseph, Carson too was born without her left forearm, and this setback definitely has not stopped her from achieving her dreams. It has only made her stronger.

    Joseph only had to see Carson playing on TV. She was his hero as soon as he saw her. Nevertheless, everything that was happening was only going to get better for Joseph. Carson and Joseph first meet in April, and Carson points out that “we have the same arm!” This was the only affirmation Joseph needed, and they went on to share a “fist bump” with their left limbs.

    From that moment on, Joseph all smiled. Since they first met, Joseph has watched Carson play several times, and he always sits in the front row, and never forgetting to fist bump his hero, and favorite soccer player.

    Colleen says that “Overall, the amount of positive awareness that has spread, it’s just been phenomenal.” In the end, like all of us, Carson has met someone like him that he can relate to, and someone who he can look up to.