Transparent Puzzle With 3 Difficulty Levels And It Looks Like A Cruel Joke

As all of us are still under quarantine, and the end of it is nowhere to be seen, we seem to have enough time on our hands to have some fun, in-house activities. Maybe some, more than others, as most of us are still working from home. Some people just love reading books; some even have the time to watch shows they never had the time for before. Then, we have the jigsaw puzzle people. They’ll do whatever it takes to get their hand on a jigsaw, and take days on end to complete. For those jigsaw lovers, here’s the biggest, and most difficult one we’ve seen yet. To say the least, it’s entirely clear. So, get ready for your brain to be fried, or melted, because this jigsaw, is definitely one of the most impossibly difficult ones yet.

For all jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts around the world, and those looking for a brain-melting challenge, these entirely clear puzzle pieces will be a pleasure. With the prices starting at $17, this jigsaw puzzle seems to be enjoyed by many who have already bought it from the seller LittleFlowerPotShop, currently available on Etsy. One buyer has commented under the product saying “I only have 2 pieces together so far, but I’m loving this! Such a great idea and so well made. Great seller! I’m buying more as gifts,”

With several sizes to choose from, based on the difficulty level, this jigsaw puzzle includes 4 variations, starting from the easiest which consists of 9 pieces. Moving on, the moderate jigsaw includes 25 pieces, the hard – 49, and the impossible difficult one (better known as the crazy difficult one) includes 144 tiny, clear cast acrylic pieces.

Talking about the size of each piece of these jigsaw puzzles, in the easiest option, a piece is approximately 2”, and according to the seller, it will take only about 5 minutes for the average adult to solve it. On the other hand, each piece of the 144-piece puzzle is approximately 1/2”, LittleFlowerPotShop shares that it takes “DAYS of fun assembling.” To cap this all off, this California based seller estimates that the shipping of an order for this jigsaw puzzle should take roughly around 4 weeks.

Image credits: Etsy