Two Women Celebrated Their 30-Year Friendship By Getting Beautiful Couple Tattoos Of What They Both Adore Most

Many people believe that true friendship can help anyone overcome any obstacle in life. But sadly, however, reality tells us a different story. There are so many roads to take, and choices to make, that sometimes it’s difficult to maintain relationships – even with the best of people, we love more than anything in the world. Because of these simple little things, friendships often come to an end, but that is not the case with these two ladies who met each other thirty years ago.

What do you think the best to mark your friendship milestone is? Looking at old photographs and remembering the good times? Or even giving each other memorable gifts and a hug? On the other hand, something like a tattoo can save the memories last for a lifetime.

That is just the thing that these 2 friends from Brazil did. To commemorate their friendship of 30 years, the 2 friends decided to get tattoos of smiling beers holding hands, and the picture was shared by a grandson of one of the women. He went on to add that the image they chose, symbolizes the things that they love, having a chat as well as a mug full of a tasty drink, along with all the other wonderful things like happiness and support that true friendship brings.

Many people were touched by this story, of true, long-lasting friendship, as it is not easy to keep a friendship after so many years. We sincerely hope that all our readers will be able to find somebody they can trust and share the good, the bad and the ugly moments with.

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