Waking Up Between 3 to 5 a.m. Could Actually Mean You’re Experiencing Spiritual Awakening

Body has its own way of communicating with us. It tries to convey some special messages by giving certain signals. Waking you up in different times of the night is a way of giving signals. You always don’t give any concern on sudden wake ups at night.Don’t you? You think its normal right? But it isn’t. Read the article below if you want to know why.

Chinese medicine has the concept of energy meridians. According to the historical sources energy meridians are connected to natural clock and it has a direct impact on different parts of our body. Which derives the fact that “Your body or mind might be going through certain physical or emotional changes and states; and it might be making an effort to convey the message”.

Never ignore unexpected wake ups in night since it is said that messages about our spiritual journey is given while we are sleeping.

Trouble going to sleep between 9 and 11 p.m. could be a sign of stress.

This is the usual sleeping time for majority of the people on earth. If you have any difficulty in falling sleep at this time; the body is warning you that you are going through too much stress. You should handle it before things get much worse. It is recommended to practice meditation to overcome the stress.

Waking up between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. might symbolizes emotional frustration.

This also warns about emotional stress. Engaging in positive religious practices,accepting yourself as you are and being confident and forgiving could help you in this case.

And according to Chinese medicine; gallbladder stays active in this time range.

Waking up between 1 and 3 a.m. symbolizes your anger

In this time range energy meridian is connected with liver.Which tells that this waking up symbolizes anger and loss of considerable energy.

Drinking cold water before sleep and meditation are recommended.

Waking up between 3 and 5 a.m. Symbolizes superior spirits trying to reach you

This is awesome. This symbolizes that you are unique and a superior spirit is trying to reach to guide you for a greater purpose.

By the way lungs and emotions of sadness are depicted by this meridian.

If you have any idea of sleeping again; try breathing slowly and praying.

Waking up between 5 and 7 a.m. symbolizes emotional disturbances.

This also warns you about internal disturbances in emotional states within you.

At this time energy meridian is in large intestine. Going out or going to wash room might

help you in this.