Walk Away From People Who Bring Out The Worst In You, Even If They’re Family

Where ever we go, there is toxicity around us. And most often, we expect this toxicity in people we don’t know, in many cases, we deal with toxicity from the people we love. Not to generalize anything, I’m sharing my personal experience, so that I could be of help to someone else.

True, it’s difficult in pointing fingers to our family and our loved ones. To be frank, it can be difficult to digest. As I’ve been through it, I know that it’s even difficult to think about it. Let me be blunt and give you the hard truth of it all. As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water, but sometimes, it isn’t so, and your family members may not always turn out what you expect them to be.

It does hurt me to be so blunt, but family and friends can bring so much misery and pain as anyone else. It’s sometimes easy for them to hurt you as any random person could. They can bring out your worst self, put you down, take you for granted, take away your dreams, and make you feel bad about yourself, wreak havoc on your world, rob you of your hopes and make a mess out of your life. The only difference that you would have to face between your family, and someone else, is the intensity of the pain you would have to endure.

You should not keep it bottled up inside you. You shouldn’t let them walk over your feelings, harm you and get away with it, just because they are family. They shouldn’t be allowed to play the guilt card. You shouldn’t be blamed for what your family does, and you shouldn’t brush off how their behaviour affects your relationship. You shouldn’t be ill-treated for how your family treats you, and most certainly, you don’t deserve to suffer.

May it be a member of your family, a close friend, or loved one you cared for with all your heart, you shouldn’t be ashamed in walking away from people who treat you wrong, and who makes you show the worst in yourself. If by walking away from these toxic people bring you serenity and peace, you haven’t lost anyone, because they have lost you. You’ve just made the best choice in your life yet.

So you should never be afraid and DO NOT hesitate to cut off any toxic family members, friends or loved ones from your life. No one else owns your life, and you don’t owe them anything, may it be your cousin, father, aunt or any other loved one. You owe yourself the happiness which you are so desperately searching in these toxic relationships, and you very well deserve it. You owe it to yourself to feel the peace that you are looking for. So go ahead and treat yourself to it. Free yourself of the cage you’ve been trapped in your whole life. Heal the wounds that have been festering for so long, take care of yourself, and take the journey to find your true self.

Life is too short to be living according to someone else’s rules. The least we can do is live the right way. We should surround ourselves with people who truly care for us. Keep the people who would do anything to be there for us, and want us to be happy. We should be with the people who love us more than life itself.

People who care for us, who are there for us, and who love us with no strings attached, are the ones who really deserve to be in our lives, and who truly deserve a place in our heart. You should strictly say NO to toxic people, may it be your family, friends or loved ones.

You truly deserve inner peace, and if it means letting go of all the toxic people in your life, so be it. You should always take care of yourself and always, ALWAYS do what’s best for you. Not anyone else. Because at the end of it all, you have to spend your life with yourself. Not with anyone else. So you should work towards making your life a safe haven for yourself, not make it a living hell.