We Only Fall In Love with 3 Kind of People in Our Lifetime & Each Will Make You a Different Person

For some people, finding the real love or the love which lasts forever, can make hell out of them. Sometimes, well, most of the time, we tend to fall in love with the wrong ones and start to despise even the term, love. However, what we may not know is that each and every wrong relationship makes us eventually stronger.

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved”

According to philosophers and mystics, we only fall in love with three types of people in our lives. The “one that makes us do stupid things”, “the one that breaks and makes us” and “the one that does not need a special reason”.

1) First Love

“The heart wants what it wants”

This is the period where our heads are full of romantic movies we watched and love songs we listened. We have created a paradise which lasts forever in our mind with the one we want. We have these dreams of getting married to our ‘true love’, having kids, and living happily ever after. This is a love we try to keep forever, because we are drunk with the term of love.

2) Second Love

“We are shaped and fashioned by who we love”

This love is more complicated and more hurting than the first love. This is the stage where we understand ourselves as individuals, who our partners are and where do we want go in life with our partners. This is a self-realization period and unfortunately, we have to learn some hard truth through lies, deceits, breakups, manipulations. Though we want to continue this relationship no matter how hardships we face, at one point we fail. We end up with a wounded, numb heart where we think that we are stuck forever. But, it is not. This is where we stand up more matured and stronger. We realize finally with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives.

3) The Third and Final Love

“I want all of you. Your flaws, your mistakes and your imperfections”

We are in the real world now. We know that there is not going to be a prince riding a white horse with a shining armor. From every mental, physical, and emotional suffering we have been through, we finally know what we deserve. This love, the final love comes to us out of blue, when we least expect the love. Isn’t it great? May be our personalities won’t match and maybe we don’t want to be in a love with this person. Yet, this person can bring you happiness where you couldn’t find in previous relationships. This time, we don’t have to pretend because this love goes through imperfections, mistakes and flows. Hence, the bond gets stronger and lead to a successful future.

When it comes to love, timing is crucial factor. One can fall in love at age 50+ and get married. One can find the real love within few years but someone else has to spend the whole life to learn the lessons of love. So, this third kind of love could reach your life at any moment and could take your life to a whole new level.