What Did You See First? Let’s See What It Says About Your Personality

These days we have lots of online image tests, they test our subconscious choice and help us to understand the features of our personality.

Look at the picture below. What did you notice first? Is it the lip, roots or the trees?


If you saw the lips first, it means that you are a generous and silent person. You always look for the most flexible way of living. Your behavior and character flows together.

Your thoughts are hostile which means your intention always has a good purpose. Sometimes you might feel weak, but you are a strong character who has the potential to solve problems individually.

People always trust you because you are honest, so they always seek advices from you.


If you saw the roots first, you are obviously a reticent person. You always tend to identify and correct your own mistakes for a better future.

People might recognize you as a more ordinary person from first sight itself, but they will probably change their impression when they find out they were wrong. They will understand that you are smart and a keen person.

You are well disciplined and hard working. You put your maximum effort into your work routine. You always follow your morals and principles. This is the secret for the success of your life.

You always try to enhance your knowledge and strive to get the maximum out of you. This shows that you are independent and can take more responsibilities. Sometimes you suffer from low self-esteem, but you have characteristics of stubbornness.

If you saw the trees first, you are a sociable and a polite person who cannot be mocked easily.

You are highly responsive about how other people recognize you. You might have numerous friends but only a few are loyal and faithful to you. You are a strong character although you look serene and calm, and you try to hide your real feelings always from the outside world.

You are a strange person where others can’t guess or read your mind. Moreover, you don’t trust other people easily. You are highly capable in facing future strongly whatever the outcome is.