This Is Why Such Strong Girls Feel So Broken Inside

She is never fake. She is real. Yet she shows the world only the sides of her that don’t distract or interrupt them.

So that everyone sees her as shining and strong but never sees the sorrow behind it.

Sometimes she feel like everything is a lie when she is tired of dealing with her own miseries.

Remember she is not an angel from heaven. She is also a normal human being like us who has her own problems.

When she’s in trouble and want to scream and cry; she bears it inside until no one is around. Then she runs into an idle place and break into tears to wash away her sorrow. This little girl still manages to get up strong next day to lend her hand for the goodness of others. And she is used to it. She can bear up the torment.

She never shares it with others and accept their sympathy or put a status on social media declaring her problems instead she suffers and seek solutions in silence.

According to her point of view; she doesn’t see any meaning in sharing her problems with others. Because most of her friends think that she’s a role model and a bundle of joy with a perfect life and so that they could share all their shit with her.

She stays calm bearing her millions of problems when her friends complain about their lives even when they are much closer to perfection than her.

So she always listens… understands… and supports them keeping her miseries aside.

She loves to be surrounded by people since she forgets all her hidden problems then. And start focusing on helping others.

But as soon as she gets all alone… her mind starts visualizing all the crashes inside. She feels like she’s unworthy and doesn’t deserve any credits that people give to her as an amazing girl.

And that’s because of her humbleness.

She doesn’t even know how strong she is; not less than a warrior. Because she fights her own battles while saving others from theirs. More than anything she still survives after going through storms in life.