Woman Lost Her Engagement Ring While Gardening Finds It 15 Years Later Around Carrot

    Mary Grams lost something significant to her life while she was working in her garden 15 years ago. She lost her diamond engagement ring and wasn’t able to discover it. Unexpectedly, one day her granddaughter found it when she was digging up the carrots in the garden for dinner.

    At first sight, Collen knew what she found and realized that it belongs to one of her family member. The ring was circled around the carrot. If they were not aware they could have assumed that the carrot was preparing for their own wedding. Fortunately, Mary found her ring which she assumed she had lost it forever.

    Apparently, this convinces us that the stuff we are trying to find out tend to be in the last place that we look, mostly because we are frustrated searching at that point and we give up. This is one story of an incredible incident where an engagement ring was found during digging up the carrots in the garden after a long time.

    This was in her ownership since 1951 after she received it from her husband, Norman. Even though she has replaced it with another ring she hasn’t told it to her husband is worried about the reaction. She is now living in Alberta but the family farm is in Armenia.

    Mary’s husband had passed away but still, she is willing to put the ring. Fortunately, the ring still fits her. Thanks to Collen, Mary was able to get her ring back.