Woman Saves A Baby Elephant From Death And She Now Follows Her Everywhere

Back in 2016, a baby elephant, Moyo, was separated from her heard when crossing a river in Zimbabwe, and almost drowned. Luckily enough, she was rescued and housed at the Wild is Life sanctuary founded and run by one Roxy Danckwerts.

Wild is Life sanctuary has an elephant nursery, and Moyo was one of their tiniest rescues, weighing in at only 56 kilos, instead of having the average 90 kilos for calves her age. This frail baby was afraid and sickly when Roxy had taken her in. In the beginning, Roxy would spend her whole day with her, literally the entire 24 hours, even sleeping beside this baby, for the calf to trust her and pull through. And miraculously, she did.

At 14 months old, The Dodo did an article for Moyo, and she was then reported to be loving as ever, and forgetting how big and strong she was, followed Roxy into the house because she loved her so much, and there was even a photo of Moyo and Roxy’s puppy sitting together. Now grown up, and as big as ever, Moyo has conquered her biggest fear: swimming, which comes naturally to African elephants, but due to the childhood trauma she went through, Moyo had forgotten this instinctual life skill. Moyo has now become quite the ambassador for the nursery, and leads her heard of orphaned elephants as a young matriarch.

Moyo was initially featured by the BBS, and was showcased as one of the Miracle Orphans, and Roxy confessed that given the times they shared, that letting go would be difficult. An elephants’ most significant threat is illegal ivory trade, and Moyo played her sweet little part in persuading President Xi, who loved meeting her, and China banned the illegal trade of Ivory in late 2017. However, it is the under-the-counter trade that destroys populations.

Let’s hope for a somewhat better tomorrow, when such beautiful, majestic and innocent creatures are not slaughtered in the name of illegal trade, and which may make whatever time we have left over on this blue space marble better.