World’s Leading Psychiatrist Reveals 22 Rules of Life That Will Shift Your Life 180 Degrees

Mikhail Litvak, psychologist, psychotherapist (EAP has a certificate), PhD and as well as a great author who has provided us around 30 books on practical & popular psychology, 5 million books in circulation and many other important articles on psychotherapy & psychology.

  1. Preplan your work, as a result, happiness is achieved.
  2. All people are knowledgeable but differ as mature and immature people. Their difference is the way they react to situations and take immediate action. Immature people find it hard whereas mature people find it easy.  
  3. Be the original version of you rather than being a copy to prove yourself to others.
  4. People might lose closed ones depending on their pace which is the speed of how they move in their life.
  5. Imagine things you want to achieve and set goals, it will help you to follow your passion.
  6. Stop trying to satisfy and beg every person before you face a big issue.
  7. Don’t accompany with narrow-minded people, invest your time in reading it will be more effective.
  8. People who don’t admire themselves obviously insult others when they don’t have anything else to do.
  9. There is no difference in male thinking and female thinking, it’s a matter of intelligence.
  10. The best option is to pay for someone’s service rather than letting them to make you guilty or grateful.
  11. People who don’t bother about other’s attitudes towards them are living happily.
  12. Your real enemy is yourself not anyone whose hidden in the dark to attack you & facing this real enemy is so hard.
  13. If you have a strong desire to poke into things, occupy that time to poke into philosophy or science not into other’s life.
  14. Don’t worry about the insults, judgments or criticisms. All will fade away once you reach to your goals.
  15. Be greedy for what you want to achieve and don’t wait for permission from anyone.
  16. Happiness is not something you can chase and escape from anyone. Happiness arises deep within you which can be only achieved through satisfaction.
  17. Company with your enemies more than your friends. You have a lot to learn from your enemies.
  18. Search for things that motivate you and drive you towards your goals. It is a good opportunity to investigate yourself.
  19. Don’t ever break off if you are in a serious relationship unless you feel you are being dragging from your success.
  20. Don’t get scared if you want to talk to someone. They might like you.
  21. If you feel isolated even after you are being loved, don’t worry it’s a sign of maturity & this develops your productivity and accuracy.
  22. Always practice sharing your happiness with closed people because that enhances your happiness and with your opponents too, so that they feel you are special.