Yes, I’ve Changed – I’ve Started Cutting People Off And Respecting Myself More

On the road to self-acceptance, the first step is self-respect. Self-respect is knowing, and understanding our worth, accepting our true nature, and values, and acknowledging ourselves just the way we are. It all comes down to that we finally become the kind of person we truly wish to be, with no care in the world about what anybody has to say. You start putting yourself first and have the courage to stand up for yourself. You can now speak up for the things that are bothering you, or even worse, something that harms you.

When at last, you reach the stage where you put yourself first, before others, you know who you are, who you are going to become, and the transformation begins. However, you come to realize that most things have been blurry for a long time, and it dawns on you that now, it is finally time to take matters into your own hands.

As you have started respecting yourself now, here are 20 things that we know you have started doing:

  1. You are the first in your priority list. You are not selfish. Just think about it, if you won’t look after yourself, who will?
  2. You now understand that words are very shallow and that actions matter the most. So, you’ve stopped accepting apologies that are not followed by what they do.
  3. You finally come to understand that other people’s problems are theirs. You have no responsibility what so ever to take care of their problems. Trying to help where you don’t belong may only backfire in a nasty way.
  4. As you’ve decided to put yourself first, there is no more nodding in agreement with the people who drain your energy complaining about their problems.
  5. It would help if you started cutting off all the toxic relationships which have caused you pain for the longest time. Nothing good happens in giving second chances to people who will turn around and take advantage of you again and again.
  6. You don’t have to show and tell what you do to others. You are the owner of your life. You decide what you do. You don’t have to keep explaining yourself when you date someone or why you’ve changed your job.
  7. You can answer texts and call you to get any time you want when you feel like it. It doesn’t mean that you’re rude or selfish. It means that you care for yourself. It’s only natural to take time off for yourself.
  8. It’s going home when you feel like it when you’re out or not going out when you want to stay at home. You finally understand that you don’t need to live your life according to the norms of society.
  9. When you’ve started to put yourself first, you come to realize that the expectations of the people around you should never keep you away from the things that YOU want to achieve, because, you don’t owe anything to them. We are unique in our way, and we’re all very different. Therefore, each of us has different perspectives on things around us.
  10. You now understand that the comments and reactions don’t portray your actual life. So there will be no more exposing your intimacy on social media.
  11. You will no longer engage with people whose energy doesn’t match yours because there’s no need to force things that aren’t real.
  12. When you have self-respect and start thinking about yourself, you give up harmful coping mechanisms like drinking yourself into oblivions whenever you feel down.
  13. When we have self-respect, we stop worrying about what others think of your lifestyle and choices. Their mindset and what they believe is their issue, and no one else’s.
  14. On the road to changing yourself, you don’t feel uncomfortable saying no, when “NO” is the only thing that you feel to your core.
  15. When you start changing, you learn that nobody will, and nobody should tolerate your intolerable behavior. Therefore, you don’t have to be angry with people who don’t deserve it.
  16. We start taking full responsibility for our life. You don’t wait for opportunities to come knocking on your door. You start finding them.
  17. And finally, you stop prioritizing people who see you only as their option.